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Suche die Liebe!
Schütze das Leben!
Verehre das Heilige!
Sei Du selbst!
Gestalte diese Welt!

und Worte
Die Situation
Die Grenzen
Das Netz
Die Begegnung
Das Auslegen

The Humming Bird Ethos

A human being in this world of colours,
Rewarded and vested with such spirited power,
With courage and profound consciousness,

I am placing these five basic principles
In the centre of my action:

Look out for love!

Look after life!

Worship the sacred!

Be yourself!

Be proactive in this world!

A part of this powerful mankind,
Driven by such creativity and intelligence,
I am aware of these five basic concepts
In my own questioning and answering:

The situation
The limit
The network
The encounter
The interpretation

A child of this silent universe,
Fulfilled by such light and vastness,
I contemplate and meditate the various wonders of this world

The miracle of being
The miracle of growing and becoming
The miracle of consciousness
The miracle of the universe
The miracle of love

As a child of this fertile earth,
filled with so much life and diversity,
I am deepening

The basic ways of love
The basic processes of life
The basic wisdoms and values of mankind

I am constructing bridges between cultures, religions, and world views.
I am looking after myself, the sources of my power, my structure, my harmony, and my balance.
I am contributing to the solutions of the current problems of our world.

For life und for love.

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